Anjali and Kabir from Karnataka, India

“We are both full time biodynamic farmers and live on our homestead. Growing Food is our way of living a sustainable life. We both love growing crops and trees on our farm. It’s common sense and what a human being evolved to naturally do. It gives us peace of mind, satisfaction and great pride. We have presented at several conferences to raise awareness and also work with local farmers to switch them back to organic farming practices.

Growing your own food no matter how small your yard is and doing physical work is something to be proud of and make sure you involve and teach your next generation the same. Understanding where their food comes from, what effort goes into growing it, and teaching them to grow food without being ashamed of physical work or being called a “farmer” is a challenging yet essential task for humanity. Living in a rural setup without being exposed to pollution and industrial waste is a blessing. If we don’t eat food that nature makes in the soil with all the nutrients, drink unclean water, and breathe polluted air – imagine what we are doing to our mind and bodies. We won’t evolve like natural beings anymore. And that’s a scary thought.

Six years ago we dreamt of selling organic seeds to farmers across India. As new aspiring organic growers, getting access to clean seeds was quite a challenge and remains one today. As certified organic farmers, it became a requirement for us to grow all our crops from natural or organically grown seeds. Which put us on the journey of sourcing and selecting varieties that grow well given the right environment, selecting seeds from the most resilient plants, maintaining purity, and saving them carefully year after year.

Time and again we had aspiring gardeners and organic farmers asking for our seed varieties. We could not find a better way to spread our reach than offering them online for sale. Starting out with 40 varieties of seeds, and we plan to expand it progressively in the coming seasons.

Our seeds are single origin, hand processed and carefully dried to perfection for longevity. Over many years, we have been collecting different varieties of organic seeds from farms across the world and rural belts across India, adapting them to local conditions, and selecting seeds from the most resilient plants over the years. All our seeds have gone through viability and germinations tests before they are ready for sale. Our seed saving processes and required due diligence activities have been inspected and evaluated by IMO Control, Bangalore, India.

The only way we can achieve sustainability in our food is if we grow our own food like the way nature intends. Not all of us have a green thumb or the time and patience to achieve it. But you always need a place to start if you want to start your own garden! The biggest challenge we came across when we started off as organic growers was finding organic seeds and the right guidance from trustworthy sources! We hope we can do our bit to fill that gap by providing you with certified organic clean seeds, growing guides, seasonal calendars and continuous feedback over time to ensure that you can grow your own little garden patch!”

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