Markos Williams from Kuwait

“I was always interested in Nature. I believe Nature is our greatest teacher and we should always protect Mother Earth every way we can.
I live in Kuwait. I have quite a large growing space in two lots totaling 25 meters x 6 meters . Usually in the summer the searing Kuwait temperatures hovering between 44 to 52 Degree Celsius kill most plants . During this period I do dry composting with vegetable waste layered between soil as lasagna gardening . When the summer is over my dry compost pits are ripe and ready for planting . I have a friend who has a catering business supplying 11,000 meals a day and he sends me enough quantity of vegetable waste which I use for my garden. I also accumulate egg shells which I powder and spread around my growing area. Besides this I do not use any other fertilizer.
My biggest reward is the sheer happiness when I see the plants grow and the creepers form a green canopy. And also the joy when I see the children of my friends who come and harvest various crops and take their harvests home .
If you love gardening space is never a criteria. Your will is.”