Meet Asia from Hopewell, Virginia, United States

“My daughter is my food growing inspiration. In her younger years once she was able to eat solid foods I made her food from fresh vegetables every Sunday. She still enjoys vegetables 10 years later. I am not a large vegetable eater and in my grocery trips it doesn’t occur to me that she may want to try new things. By growing our own food it gives her access to fresh and new vegetables to try.

It’s amazing to see how one little seed can grow and provide a constant supply of vegetables the entire growing season. It’s exciting to see the first small fruit, head or leaf emerge and watch it transform into a consumable vegetable. And again my garden is a labor of love for my daughter.

For the very first time, this year, I decided to tackle fall gardening. Currently, my beds have the most common fall vegetables growing such as cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, etc. I actually harvested 100% of our Kohlrabi plants from the first planting. I recently added blueberry bushes! A new area is being created for cut flowers this coming spring. What started out as one 28 sq. ft. bed has turned into a small plot of fresh vegetables in my backyard. And I couldn’t be happier. The spring garden has been planned and seeds have been ordered! I’ll be ready to grow anything and everything that can fit honestly!

Keeping the soil rich with organic matter through top and side dressing with compost. Is the key. When the beds are empty or being replanted digging in aged compost is also a good practice I use to keep the soil fertile. Additionally, adding blood meal on 3-4 week schedule keeps the heavy nitrogen feeders happy. After harvesting vegetables, plants are cut above soil level in most cases. The roots add additional organic matter to the soil. Mulching the soil has proven to be quite effective as well.

I order seeds online from


in most cases. The costs are very economical. As a normal practice I order sample packets. There are normally enough seeds for the amount of plants I need for the space in my garden for only 99¢. This past spring I saved seeds from vegetables that were harvested. I plan to continue to save seeds in order to build my collection of seeds.

My biggest hurdle is understanding when my vegetables need to be watered. I overwater frequently but luckily I haven’t over done it to the point I’ve lost any plants.

I find gardening rewarding because I am able to say I grew this for my daughter. Also being able to share organically grown vegetables with family and friends is rewarding. Lastly, I am not a big vegetable eater. Growing my own allows me to try new vegetables I wouldn’t otherwise try. It’s rewarding to know I am actually giving new vegetables (raw and cooked) a try just because I grew them. So essentially I am bettering my health just because I am proud to try my vegetables.

I am hopeful to have an abundance of spring vegetables in 2021. If this happens I plan to donate to the Farmer’s Market at my daughter’s school. The Farmer’s Market provides free food for any family in need throughout the month.

Every vegetable or fruit you grow will give you what you need to grow it again. And I’m not just talking about the seeds.”