Meet Du and Mi from Mekong delta, Vietnam

“In 2018, we first met in Israel. We had both quit our jobs in engineering positions in Vietnam and gone to Israel to learn about modern agriculture. We shared a common dream to be farmers, we wanted to make a farm with sustainable agriculture system and be a role model for others around us.

After a year in Israel, we came back to Vietnam in end of 2019. We then went to visit some organic farms, met the farmers and learned about their practices. We concluded that the best way would be to start a farm, observe our land and learn as we farm and in January 2020 we started our own farm.

We named our farm Meron Farm – Medicinal Farm – Agriculture for Health. Our growing space is approximately 6000 square meters. We grow medicinal plants, and now we have over 20 types of plants like: hibiscus roselle, butterfly pea, ginger, many types of mints, rosemary, thyme, ginseng, tumeric etc. We also grow seasonal vegetables for our meals.

We use the harvests from medicinal plants to make our own products for selling. We will continue to learn and research more products to develop on our farm. We intend to expand our network and show our farm model to other farmers and aspiring farmers in the province so they can also practice sustainable agriculture.”