Meet Madhavi Guttikonda From Visakhapatnam, India

“I'm a homemaker turned youtuber. I enjoy learning new things in my life and gardening is something that excites me the most. I also love to share my knowledge with everyone.

I first started gardening with flowering and ornamental plants. After we renovated our house, I tried growing leafy greens and vegetables. My first harvest itself was successful and it inspired me to grow organic fresh food for my family. I experienced immense satisfaction and pleasure by growing my own food and cooking meals from homegrown food for my family. This heavenly feeling made me think about sharing my knowledge and experience with others as well.

I garden on my two floor terrace garden which is 1750 square feet. I grow many varieties of leafy vegetables like spinach, sorrel, amaranth etc.and also vegetables like carrot, raddish, brinjal, lady's finger, cucumber etc. I even grow fruits, spices, herbs and flowers on my terrace. The main challenge with terrace gardening is transporting the containers, plants, soil and gardening tools to my terrace on the 4th floor using the stairs.

I prepare and use traditional Indian organic pesticide like “Jeevamrutha". I even follow Korean natural farming methods. I control pests with the organic pesticides that I prepare.

I collect and save seeds in my seed bank. I even distribute them to my social media followers to encourage gardening. In the past couple of years, I have distributed over 20 varieties of seeds for free to 1000+ gardening lovers. Motivating others to do gardening makes me happy. I have been rewarded with immense love and gratitude from my YouTube followers for guiding them to grow food on their own.

Start growing your own food and experience the pleasure of eating your own grown organic and tasty food. Also, motivate and help others to grow their food.”