Meet Na from Vietnam

“We are Anhna family from Daklak, a central highland of Vietnam. There are a lot of mountains around us and there are many minorities that live here together.

After working in a big city for 4 years, we decided to come back to our hometown and pursue natural farming and a minimalist and self sufficient lifestyle.

We started in 2017 with an area of 12000 square meter for cultivation. We practise permaculture, we try to plant as many trees as possible. Currently we grow coffee, pepper, tropical fruits such as durian, avocado, mango, annoma muricata, coconut etc. We are now cultivating 30000 square meter and also growing more tropical trees and bamboo. We share natural foods from our farm with everyone.

Our mission is to save and share heirloom seeds as much as possible and create a sustainable future. We are also building an eco farm stay for people who would like to explore our farm and our land.”