Meet Sonja from Podgorica, Montenegro

“I am currently staying in the village of Rijeka Crnojevica, which is located on Lake Skadar. I have been planting various vegetables with my mother since I was a child, now my sister helps me with the purchase of seeds and garden. I have had some of the seeds passed on by my mother.

I grow tomatoes, peppers, corn of various colors, several types of zucchinis, fruits, oranges, tangerines, figs, pomegranates etc. I got mango, avocado, dragon fruit from my sister. In future, I would love to grow some more exotic fruit seeds.

My family and I eat only vegetables and fruits from the garden. I gladly give away my vegetables as well as the seeds I collect. One part of the garden is located on my camp which is located by the lake where guests can pick various vegetables on their own.

Everyone needs to find a small nook in their backyard to grow their own food. The earth rewards every effort. My garden is my peace.”