Meet Tiago from Portugal

“I am soneone who loves to inspire and be inspired by others, to connect with people and help them grow. I feel nowadays the food we eat and what we buy in the supermarkets is food for masses, meaning that food is made to grow fast, with lots of synthetic chemicals and fertilizers. Me and my father felt that growing our own food was just the right thing to do.

Since I have the opportunity to grow food free of fertilizers and pesticides, where I can control my production, I am able to eat better food and feel better. The changes that eating organic food brings are amazing! It is also very exciting to start from seeds and watch the plants grow and then harvest!

I am in Portugal, region of Alentejo, near Evora. My space is around 2 hectares. We grow potatoes, carrots, strawberries, garlic, onion, sweet potatoes, berries, melons, peppers etc.

We don’t do much to control the pest, we just try to grow different varieties in our farm, plant with proper spacing, rotate crops and grow plants that are right for our climate. This way we can prevent the insects, weeds or diseases. In our region it doesn’t rain a lot, so we have to use more water. We want to be sustainable so we try to grow plants that don’t require much water.

We always try to bring young kids to the farm to explain how we grow our food and the importance of eating organic food. If you have the possibility to buy organic food from small farmers, please do! You are not just doing good for yourself but for the planet too!”