Claudia from Itajai, Santa Catarina, Brazil

“My parents had a farm and I always enjoyed being in contact with nature. However, I lived in an apartment for 18 years during my studies. When I got married, I told my husband that I wanted a house with a big garden and he agreed. I sold a car and built my gardens.

Gardening and growing food is the best therapy of life. I have a degree in journalism and I used to live a busy life working in 4 companies at the same time. I left my job to take care of my garden and my animals. I live lighter, healthier and happier.

I have 500 square meters of land at home and a 50,000 square meters site that I am reforesting alone. I grow absolutely everything that I can. I love trying new seeds and getting to know new foods.

The greater the variety and mix of plants, the healthier a garden is. I plant everything together and mixed. I love it and it works. I have practically no pests in the gardens. I have bee hives at home, too. They help with pollination.

I do everything with so much love that even difficulties make me learn. I live in the city and bought a farm 3 years ago. But I have neither water nor light there …. Just the land. When I have the money to build a house, I want to move there and be self-sufficient.

The joy, the lifestyle in producing healthy food is the greatest reward. Seeing a seed turn into a fruit fascinates me. I think of plants 24 hours.

I have a personal project called Plantando out there. I produce my own trees using seeds that I buy, change and collect. I sow at home and plant in squares, parks and distribute seedlings. In addition to sending free seeds to anyone who wants to. In one year, I have planted a thousand trees. I have also created a YouTube channel to promote everything that works for me in urban farming.

I tell people to pay more attention to nature. We are all connected. We are nature itself. By destroying the environment, we are destroying ourselves. Nature has everything we need to live a healthy and happy life. Try it, even if it is starting with the cultivation of a small plant in pot. This will be a great beginning and it can change your life.”