Meet Angelique and Kip from Tallahassee, Florida,USA

“We are farmers who are inspired to create sustainable relationships between people and the natural environment by providing education and fresh food to our local community. We live in a food desert where there is a lack of fresh locally grown food. We founded Smarter by Nature LLC, an urban and rural farming business. Our goal is to provide fresh produce and opportunities for economic sustainability through education, as well as restore the natural environment.

The total farm is 5 acres and we are currently growing our market garden area on 1 acre. We grow seasonal annual vegetables to provide to the farmers’ market. Some of the crops we are growing for the summer include, squash, tomatoes and peppers. We also grow perennial plants, trees and herbs to add diversity to our farm.

To prevent erosion and sequestered water, we cover our soil with spoiled hay as our mulch. Our pest management includes intercropping our vegetables with herbs and flowers. We incorporate hedge rows in our market garden system for birds and other beneficial predators to nest and feed. The biggest hurdle we face is access to resources to sustain a productive and profitable farm.

We enjoy helping our customers on their healthy eating journey. We love when people express how they appreciate the service, goods and advice we provide.

We love working in nature because the action is healing and the result is nourishing. Nature always provides opportunity for growth so we encourage everyone to grow.”